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The Southern Maine Labor Council is dedicated to the more effective organization of working men and women; to the securing to them of full recognition and enjoyment of the rights to which they are justly entitled; to the achievement of ever higher standards of living and working conditions; to the attainment of security for all the people; to the enjoyment of the leisure which their skills make possible; and to the strengthening and extension of the fundamental freedoms which are the basis of a democratic society.



Meeting: Our meetings are the first Wednesday of every month at 6:30 PM.

Due to CDC recommendations the monthly meetings will be held via Zoom video conference while social distancing recommendations remain in effect. Please contact Doug Born for information. Email or call 207-576-0438

The E-Board meets at 5:30 PM

Anybody with an interest in labor issues is always welcome

Any questions please call 207 892-4067 or email:








The Southern Maine Labor Council has an ongoing request for anyone coming to the monthly meetings to bring a box of stuffing to be donated to 'Solidarity Harvest' in November.

'Solidarity Harvest' is a project sponsored by Food and Medicine and the Eastern and Western Maine Labor Councils with assistance from the Southern Maine Labor Council and many others. It is an effort to support and show solidarity with families in financial hardship by providing baskets containing the ingredients necessary for a complete Thanksgiving meal, all purchased from or donated by local farms and businesses.

An annual fundraising auction to help support 'Solidarity Harvest' is held in Brewer every August. If anyone has contact with crafters or businesses that might be willing to donate something to this auction it would be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or ideas please contact the Southern Maine Labor Council.

For more information click on the 'Solidarity Harvest' button above to the left.


Situating the CLC

National unions organize workers and represent them in dealing with their employers. Local union can affiliate with other labor organizations. Most local unions in Maine are affiliated with the State AFL-CIO.

The State Fed's primary function is to represent the interests of local unions at the state legislature and to mobilize the locals in state elections. Once a year local leaders gather at the State Federation's Convention.

Locals also affiliate with councils within their own unions and with councils of like trades (Building Trades Council, Public Sector Council) and with councils within the same workplace (Metal Trades Council).

The CLC is the only place where local leaders of all unions meet and work together on a regular basis. Our reason for being is to provide a place where local union leaders and supporters can act and interact on a regular basis.

The above is taken from a report to the Southern Maine Labor Council April, 2006 by then Council President Peter Kellman

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